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Studio Confesions 

During covid I had to choose to stop interviewing artist or step out of my comfort zone and dive into technology. My favorite part of creating the podcast is sitting with artists and experience their stories first hand. I was so surprised to feel so close to the artists I connected with, despite our distance. These videos became a safe window to look out and make genuine connections during the height of covid. Join us!

Collage Therapy Luis Martin / The Art Engineer 1 on 1 studio session with Cynthia Jasmin

Collage Therapy Luis Martin / The Art Engineer 1 on 1 studio session with Cynthia Jasmin

Join in on this intimate “Collage Therapy” session with Luis Martin / The Art Engineer and Artist Cynthia Jasmin. These one on one art making sessions are aimed to explore ideas and issues in your art practice, while having conversations with our hands as much as with our words. Listen in as Cynthia and I explore the question: “How do I keep my upward momentum going in my life?” Book your personal “Collage Therapy” one on one session here: We can cover from studio practice, art blocks all the way to the business of your studio practice. Reach out today! Learn More about Cynthia Jasmin’s art on her website And follow her on instagram IG: @thepurple.inme and @cynthia.jasmin *Disclaimer: Luis Martin / The Art Engineer is not a Therapist or an Engineer for that matter. If you are experience any mental crisis please reach out to a certified medical physician. Become a Member and subscribe to receive a monthly collage kit. Want to collage before subscribing? Get an individual one of a kind collage kit to get started. Need more guidance? Schedule a one on one "Collage Therapy" sessions from anywhere in the world! If you are outside of the US you can buy and downloadable kit, which you can print out to collage or collage digitally. Get it all at There is much adventure to be had in this Collage Dream! xoxo
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