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Thank you for accepting my invitation to be on the podcast. I am so thrilled to share your work with my community and offer a new facet of you to your's. The conversion is uber casual and relaxed.


My conversations are lead by my personal curiosity and my mission is to make visible and audible in this case, how AWESOME you are.. 

Here are some themes that we might talk about:

*What moves you?

ie. Movies, books, personal habits

*Art memories:

ie. making art, experiencing art, sharing art

*What does your daily creative practice look like?

ie. Writing in the morning, painting daily, keeping a journal 

*Your mission 

i.e. Why do you make art, who is it for? 

For the interview:

Please download the latest version of Skype unless we are meeting vis ZOOM.

There will be both  an audio and a visual component to our conversation. 

Please connect with me on skype, my handle is @TheArtEngineer 

Please test run your connection and the features with friends before hand. 

I will be online 15 minutes before our scheduled meeting feel free to say hi.

Please let me know if your schedule has changed or you cannot make our appointment. 

What you will need

*Good Wifi 

*a pair of basic earphones with integrated microphone 

*a plain background with good lighting, ideally with a window in front of you not behind you. 

*a quiet none-echo space, smaller rooms with carpets are ideal 

...And most importantly relax and enjoy the conversation. 

I can't wait to connect! 

Luis Martin xoxo


Email me

After the conversation please send me:

*a head shot photo

*three (3) pictures  of your work

*a picture of you in your studio 


Stay In Touch 

I would love to continue the conversation. Let me know how I can help you share your work and how we can collaborate. 

Let me know if there is someone I should connect with to have on the podcast or to share and promote my own creative practice.


I appreciate you! 


Palm Trees Beach View
Beach Architecture
Beach Architecture
Reflection of Palm Trees
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