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My Very Subjective POVs

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

In my podcast, Studio Confession, along with conversations with artists and culture makers, I also share my very subjective point of view as a New York, queer, cisgender, Chicano, Latino, male, mystic and new age capitalist… wait there is more, dyslexic, left handed, caffeine addict, hoarder.

I approach my podcast through all these lenses. I place these facets all out on the table, not to just to show off that like an onion I too will make you cry with the complexity of my layers and make your world taste a lot better, but instead to encourage you and others to do the same, to own each and every one of our lenses, in our art, our reflecting , our life choices.

Because these are not just colorful hashtags, hangups or even grounds for prescription drugs, these lenses, and POV markers are our super powers. In the past these might have looked like vulnerability , but the thing about vulnerability is that once you are aware of them, no one can use them agains you, BUT you can use them to your advantage always!

This is an excerpt from the Studio Confessions podcast episode #101 Power Inbetween Contrast. Listen to the episode here.

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