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Your voice, your story, are key to empowerment. This is what makes  a masterpiece of your narrative and passion. Art is the genuine expression of our experiences, no mater how mundane or extraordinary.


As a public speaker I talk about the power of creativity to live an empowered and more beautiful life. Regardless of whether you are an artist or not, let’s connect the dots to arrive at a conversation that is compelling and moving. 


I created the title “The Art Engineer” to expand my reach as an artist. As the Art Engineer, I use art as a way to follow my passion and lead with curiosity. The results have allowed me to use art as a vehicle to connect with people outside the art world and meet somewhere in between, to create conversation and collaboration. 


As a consultant I have worked with emerging podcasters, curating artists and developing cultural programming. 


For examples of my speaking style and topics, check out “Studio Confessions” my podcast where each week I deliver fresh monologues and conversations with guests about art and what moves us: 


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